Since 2010 I’ve been privileged to mentor professional, college, and high school athletes through the ups and downs the sports world brings.

Are you struggling to compete at your best?

You’re not alone.

No athlete is perfect. Not even professionals. Every athlete struggles, beats themself up, and at times, stops believing they belong at that level of competition.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You’re only one quality thought away from consistently thriving under pressure and performing at your best.

I’ll show you how..

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“​I’ve been working with Ray for about 4 months now and it’s been going really well. He’s helped me a lot with the mental part of the game especially as I’ve struggled to pitch with runners on base. Working with Ray has allowed me to execute my pitches effectively with runners on base by accepting the situation and visualizing the runners disappear from the baseline before I pitch. I want to continue to work and get better with the mental aspect of the game…and you should too!” -Kodi Medeiros, 1st Round Draft Pick 2014 Milwaukee Brewers

“Life and baseball can be extremely difficult and unpredictable. After working with Ray I’ve been able to organize and evaluate my sport and life in an entirely new light by keeping things simple. His program and desire to teach sport psychology has allowed me to free up my worries, doubts, and fears to focus on the “controllable.” His techniques and knowledge are essential to anyone looking to further their development in both sport and life.” -Pierce Romero, 9th Round Draft Pick 2015, Arizona Diamondbacks

“As a pitcher the mental side of the game is just as important as arm care. During the time Ray and I have been working together my mindset on the mound has been completely changed. He has shown me multiple tools like breathing exercises, imagery techniques and reframing that helped me battle through the adversity and keep proper perspective when I got sent down to low A and was tempted to feel lost. He also helped me build effective routines to help me prepare for when it really matters. I highly recommend this for any athlete ready to take their game to the next level.” Quintin Torres-Costa, 35th Round Draft Pick 2015, Milwaukee Brewers

“I worked with Ray when I played softball at Boise State. At the time I was having some trouble adjusting to the college game. My confidence wasn’t at a real high and my offense was struggling. Ray was our sports psychology consultant for our team and it was such a blessing. At the time, I was a freshman and it was not my best season, actually it was one of my worst, but I did not lose faith nor did I stop trying. Between personal battles, physical aches, and the most difficult adjustments I have ever had to make, Ray helped me to be mentally tougher and stronger.​The biggest help that Ray gave me was consistency. He gave me “homework” but made me look inward and see what I can do to relax my thinking. Realize what my strengths are rather than what my weaknesses. Especially in offense when you can’t think too much. My softball career was cut short because of a back injury. Passion and hard work can only get you so far when your bones can’t keep up. Halfway through my sophomore year I medically retired and I turned to Ray to keep me positive. It was and still is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. It is something I avoid talking about and even writing this right now, I can’t help but feel the pain I felt that day I made the decision to stop playing. Ray’s positive energy, training, and teaching helped to start an understanding that there is more. Many athletes spiral, and while I did a bit, I kept my composure and knew that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that this is just a new beginning. It was a small gesture, but he is such a ball of amazing energy. It is a spark that started a new journey for me. I struggle today and when I am in pain, I remember the positive words and hope Ray gave me.”-Katie Engelbrecht – Division 1 Boise State University Softball

“I learned the stoplight mechanism where green means you’re in control, yellow is starting to get out of control, and where red is out of control. I use this to judge my behavior every time I feel out of control, and then I use the ways I learned in order to get back to green no matter the situation. Before my huge speech, I used the 3 things of what to do when you walk up to the plate, believe, big body language, and breathe (especially). First, before my speech (like I’m going to bat) I say, “You can do this, you’re the best speech giver in the world.” This really helps me out with confidence and makes my minds slow down a ton. Next, I use big body language when I was walking up to the podium to also remind myself that I’m in control and no one can put me down without my permission. Next, I breathe (a lot). Breathing is probably the most important thing that can make your mind slow down the best. After this, I evaluate myself with the light mechanism and I fix myself from there if I’m not green. In this case, I was green and gave a great speech.”​-Jimmy M.

“Ray is an incredible coach who has taught me so many things about the sport of baseball physically and mentally. Throughout our time working together he has helped mold me into the athlete I am today. I am going on to play college baseball and without Coach Ray’s help on the mental side and understanding of the game, I know for a fact I would not be nearly as successful as I am today. On top of being an excellent baseball coach and teacher of the game, he got me into some of the best shape of my life. The workouts he put me through were not only physically challenging but also mentally challenging as he would add the mental side of it creating a real full body workout. Coach Ray is the real deal and I have the utmost respect for him and what he teaches and does.”​-College Athlete

“The mental game has changed perspective of baseball so much this year. It helped me become more confident and wanting to be in the 3-2, 2 outs, bottom of the sixth inning position. It helped me control my emotions, and helped me become a better baseball player and better person.” -Youth Athlete

“His confidence was very high and I have to say mentally he is in a great place. His coach told him that standing up there he just looked like he was going to get a hit, and he basically did every time on the second day. He has worked hard on the mental side of the game and it is paying off.”​-Email excerpt from parent

​”Ben has taken so much of what you have taught him with much success. His routine has changed, he focuses on breathing and clearing his head. He focuses on hitting the ball with the “E” on his bat. Remarkable change. Nick is also doing well– I see him not using the strategies as much at this point, but I think that is a matter of reinforcement. See you soon!”​-Dave M.

“What Ray has to offer will change your life! His insight is off-the-charts awesome!”​​ -Ross

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