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1 Pitch Warrior

Last week we talked about some of the controllables that athletes and teams can choose to focus on to give them the best chance to win and we opened with the importance of how pregame preparation leads to confidence.

This week we’ll focus on being a 1 Pitch Warrior (1PW) which is a simple concept to explain but one of the more difficult approaches to put into practice on a pitch by pitch basis.

I first heard of the concept of being a 1PW from Peak Performance coach Brian Cain (if you want to grow in the mental game I suggest you follow his podcast @ Brian Cain’s Peak Performance Podcast) and more recently from Justin Dehmer, now a baseball consultant who at one point lead an Iowa High School team to 88 straight victories.

In his book 1 Pitch Warrior Mental Toughness Training System (see link below) Dehmer expounds on the strategies that he used with his team to focus on playing one pitch at a time that was the catalyst to 88 straight W’s.

Definition of a 1 Pitch Warrior according to Dehmer: “Invest only in the next 200ft.  This is what it means to be a 1PW: all efforts are about the next pitch.   In the classroom, worry only about the next problem.  At work, worry only about the next client.  Walk the next 200 feet, then the next 200, and then the next. PROCESS!  Work it and let the results take care of themselves.  Plan the work and then work the plan.”

Here are some of my takeaways within just a few pages with some of my own ideas mixed in I learned from reading Brian Cain’s material that will not only help you on the field but off of it…

  • Focus on controlling the things in your control – make a list with 3 categories:  Things outside my control, things in my influence and things inside my control.  Everything fits into one of those three.  Where should your focus be?
  • Focus on the next 200ft
    • You can’t reach the top of a mountain by standing at the bottom.  Each journey starts with the first step. Pick a rock or a tree to reach – then the next.  Soon enough you’ll reach your goals.
    • You can’t win a game in the first inning.  Focus on the very next pitch with everything you have.
  • Focus on developing a successful process and the results will take care of themselves.
  • Before you can be in control of your performance you must first be in control of yourself.
  • “What matters, is today and the attitude you bring to it.”
  • Think about what you’re trying to do rather than on what you’re trying to avoid
    • Don’t think about not swinging at the curveball in the dirt.
    • Think about looking for a ball in the zone and hitting it hard.
  • Become aware of your thought life…if you can’t control your mind how can you control your performance?

There were many more and I highly recommend the book for teams and individuals.  I know I’ll be going through a few high-liters while reading and I’ll send you more nuggets.

What areas in your life can you become a 1 Pitch Warrior and begin seeing a drastic improvement in your performance? Start the process and share your story on my FB page Renewed Mind Performance (Link at bottom)

1 Pitch Warrior

PS…Speaking of taking things one pitch at a time…Click the link below to view a little tidbit I did this morning after bootcamp on periscope talking about the importance of each decision we make (don’t mind the gum or me being out of breathe or my inability to work the camera).           Dang technology:)

Importance of each decision

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