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Beauty and the Beastly…Scale

Just recently I’ve rekindled my passion for the Wellness Mental Game as a few people have reached out for encouragement and accountability in navigating their weight loss and wellness missions.

Over the next few days I’ll share with you some common obstacles that tend to come up during initial meetings and how to conquer them.  Let’s be honest – you know the obstacles.  But now you’ll have some ammo for conquering them to hit your target goals.

When’s the last time you stepped on a scale and felt good about it?  Let’s take a step back.  When’s the last time you stepped on a scale?  Many people are downright scared of it.  If you’re scared of it…this email is for you.

OBSTACLE #1 – Beauty and the Beastly Scale –  YOUR IDENTITY

One of the first things I share with clients is: THE SCALE SHOWS WHAT YOU CURRENTLY WEIGH…IT DOESN’T SHOW  WHO YOU ARE.

Reread that.

Did you know  you cannot outperform your image of you?

Are you allowing the scale to determine your self-worth?  Shoot, if you’re let anything besides you to determine your self-worth you’re in trouble.  What should you do instead?

STOP MAKING IT PERSONAL and start making it about your performance.  Keep the two separated.

Go grab a piece of paper and a pen.  Not your computer.  It’s not real enough.

SCENARIO: Let’s say your starting weight is 150.

After one week’s productive efforts you step on the scale and weigh 148.5lbs.

Take one minute and write down how you feel…(confidence, motivation, self-worth, body image, outlook for the next week).

NOW…under the same conditions you step on the scale and instead of weighing 148.5lbs, you weighed 151.5lbs.

Take one minute and write out how you feel using the same criteria.

Now, compare the two.  If your confidence, motivation, self-worth, body image, and outlook for the week ahead are drastically different based on 1.5 pounds in either direction… you are making it too personal and not enough about your performance.

Isn’t that incredible what one and a half pounds up or down on the scale can do to our mindset?

Are you going to allow a scale…which doesn’t even have a heartbeat…to beat your heart up?

Are you going to allow that number to define who you are as a person?

Are you going to allow that  number to decide whether you succeeded or failed that week?

Are you going to allow that  number to decide whether you should continue your efforts or quit?

Good thing I’m not passionate about this stuff:)

My friends – There are so many factors that go into that number on the scale that it’s honestly laughable.  You fluctuate 5lbs in a day.

Final thoughts….and one perspective changer to DO NOW: 

Forget the number (result) and focus on the right process to getting the results you desire.

Choose two behaviors to focus on  that you feel will help you towards your goals and track them for 1 week.

Examples: adding 100oz of water or Tracking food for 3 meals a day on paper or an app.

Notice I didn’t suggest eliminating anything? Actually I asked you to add something.  That’s different!

After one week – evaluate your performance…not you.  You might be surprised what they scale shows when you are focused on the right things.

Don’t try it out…Do it now.

Dedicated to your thought life,

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