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What I’ve learned in my time as a Mental Strength Coach is that confidence is fragile. But it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a high school athlete getting called up to Varsity or a professional getting sent down; worried about signing with a college or worried about being cut; mad about a lack of playing time or going so well you’re worried when it’s all going to fall apart …

Conquering these situations all depends on your mental approach and how you perceive what happens to you. When’s the last time you invested more than 10 minutes on your mental game?

Are you ready to become your own best mental coach and develop the most important part of your performance so you can perform at your best each play?

Let’s get started, together. Today.  

Here’s the program I wish I had throughout my career that could’ve got me where I wanted to go. Let’s make sure you give yourself the best chance of playing at the highest level possible.

What’s Included?

  • 1 Hour Initial FaceTime, Skype, or In-Person Consultation ($100 value): I want to get to know you, your hobbies, likes/dislikes, family history, sports history, school work ethic (if applicable), etc. I want you to get to know me. My career, my approach, my personality. You’ll take an initial assessment to help me help you best so we can pinpoint areas of improvement and highlight strengths.  Then, month by month we will reassess where you’re at to see strength gains in your mental game.
    • Introductions
    • Needs Assessment
    • Season Goal Sheet

  • 21 Hours to Mental Power Online Program Access ($297 value): This is my ultimate online program that hosts a vast variety of mental game topics from identity, confidence, self-awareness, emotional control, leadership, injury recovery mind-set, dealing with setbacks, routines, playing time, and so much more. We will refer to this program often and it is easily accessible from your phone or computer. By the end of our time together you will have completed the entire program to become unstoppable!
    • Mental Training Videos
    • Mental Game Worksheets
    • Breathing Exercises
    • Imagery Audios
    • Mental Game Exercises
  • Weekly 15 Minute Phone, Skype, or FaceTime Check-ins ($480 total value over the 4 month program): Measurement equals motivation. Each week we’ll set mission targets and process goals to achieve the mission.  
    • Assess the Week’s Mission and process goals to achieve
    • Any mental game specifics that need a deeper dive
  • Unlimited Contact via Voxer App [Hours 8am-7pm PAC Time] (Priceless $): This is where I’ll hold you accountable to the mindset you’re setting out to achieve and maintain. Share victories, struggles, ask quick questions that will absolutely come up throughout the season.
    • Walkie Talkie feature for voice messages
    • Text Messages
    • Pictures, Videos, Audio
    • *Download Free Voxer App and friend me: Raysanti30

***Parent Consultation (additional $100 a month): Parents are the most impactful presence throughout their athlete’s career for good or bad. It’s not a light responsibility so why not be ready for it?

Consultations will include the same as above to help parents learn a language that will best communicate with their athlete and help take your relationship with your athlete to the next level.

Instead of asking, “How’d today go?” and getting the classic “Okay, I guess,” you’ll be learning to ask, “Hey, when you swung at that pitch in the dirt, did that put you in a yellow or red light?”  Response, “Yellow.” Your response, “Did you recognize you were in yellow? Were you able to take that nice deep breath and use positive self-talk to get back to green?”

Those are the deeper conversations you’ll learn how to have to help be the best support system for your athlete. Also, do you have questions on how many showcases to attend? Which ones are worth going to and which ones are just money suckers? Wonder how much space to give your athlete or how to properly cheer for them to help and not hurt their performance? It’s in the details. I’m here to help!  

So, what’s your commitment to you and to me?  

Effort wise: Everything you’ve got each day. That’s all you can give. Sometimes that’ll be 70%, 80% , 90% or more. Just give me (and yourself) the best of what you’ve got today.

Investment wise?

While this program is easily valued at over $1,000, I am making it available to you for $150 a month for the 4 month commitment (Feb-May for College/High School) totaling an investment in your career of $600. Payment in full or in two payments available to Paypal:  

Professional Baseball Players: 7 month commitment (Feb-Aug). Reach out to me at the email above to discuss specifics.

Play year round? $1800 for the entire year.  Two installments (One now and one at 6 month mark w/ option to opt out)

***Parent Members are an additional $100 p/month

I promise you this investment will not only impact your performance on the field but your life off of it. The mindset, skills, routines, and habits you will establish will help you become a competitor in all categories of life helping while assisting you to become a leader, live a life free from fear, worry, anxiety, and help you become your best self for you and those you choose to surround yourself.

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