Playing on High Ground


“This book is awesome! I read the first chapter before a game this season and, to be honest, I had been struggling the previous 2 months with walks… almost as bad as having the yips. That night I was able to just believe in myself and that God would take care of me. I felt like the apostle Peter in Chapter 1 in the storm and flipped the switch. I started believing! Performance aside, the first chapter alone taught me to always believe. I felt like the main character Jacoby. My reading has been pretty lacking as of late. Today showed me how much God can help if you let Him.”


Caleb Frare
Chicago White Sox

By: Karin


“The road to achieving your psychological sports advantage is through Ray’s book! Whether you’re in the midst of your competitive sports career, striving to get there or simply interested in keeping fit like me, Ray includes solid tools so everyone can elevate their mental game. Also, regardless of the depth of your relationship with God, there is something here for everyone that can be used to better manage everyday life.”

By: Brittany

“Playing on High Ground” is an extremely practical tool for Christian athletes who want to give their utmost for His Highest. As an endurance athlete and coach, I have implemented many traditional techniques (i.e. visualization, positive self talk, mantras, etc). Ray’s ability to seamlessly integrate God’s word into traditional mental techniques is refreshing and the strategies revealed in this book are game-changing.”

By: Max H

“Playing on High Ground will not only help you in sport, but also in life. The approach of question and answer, rather than a lecturing narrative, allows for one to become engaged with the characters and reflect on one’s own mental approach to each day. I found myself re-visiting the lessons and parables from this book and applying them to my everyday life.”


Playing on Higher Ground


High school senior Jacoby Johnson was weeks from signing a professional baseball contract worth millions when he injured his elbow, jeopardizing his future.

Now, sixteen months after recovering from Tommy John surgery, Jacoby returns to the mound at the college level determined to prove his name deserves to be called in the early rounds of the Major League Baseball Draft come June.

By: Susan N

“If you are an aspiring athlete this book is for you. The compelling fictional story propels you quickly through the book. It is hard to put down. You really feel for the character Jacoby, who tries to do the right thing but is tempted by life.”

By: Kristin S

“This book is well written. As others have stated, it is hard to put down. The story of trials and triumph Jacoby experiences in the metal game on and off the field is truly inspiring for athletes and non-athletes alike. A very encouraging story about an athlete growing in his understanding of the Scriptures and how pertinent they are to all parts of life.”

By: Brittany O

“Playing on Higher Ground is a gripping story following lead character Jacoby’s quest toward peak performance on the baseball field and in life. Practical spiritual and mental game tools are embedded throughout the book as Jacoby navigates his faith, school, sport, and relationships. I highly recommend this book to athletes, coaches, parents, mentors, and fans looking for practical tips, personal encouragement, and/or a well-written story.”


21 HMP Handbook


  • Build unshakeable confidence
  • Effective breathing exercises to help you slow the game down
  • Mental imagery to imagine your best performance
  • The importance of understanding your identity on and off the field
  • To focus on what’s in your control instead of what’s outside of it
  • Techniques for building self-awareness to manage your emotions
  • Strategies for alleviating pressure
  • How to set effective results and behavior goals
  • The power of positive self-talk
  • How to build and utilize performance routines
  • The importance of using failure as feedback
  • What it takes to be a quality leader
  • And much more…

Peak Performance Planner


If you want to get the most out of you and your abilities . . . you have to plan for it. Consistent high-level performance is not random; it’s very planned. And it starts in your preparation. Quality preparation leads to quality performance. In the Peak Performance Planner you will learn to take responsibility for your performance on and off the field with:

  • Daily Schedule
  • Morning Routine
  • Meal Plan/Water Goal
  • 4 Performance Areas of Focus
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Energy Management Evaluation for Sport and Life
  • Today Taught Me Reflection
  • Successful Tomorrow Checklist
  • Weightlifting Logs in back of book
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Ben + Jerry = Your tasty late-night frozen best friend

Orville + Wilbur = Your 3-day car ride became a 6-hour flight

Phil Knight + Bill Bowerman = Those Nike’s you’re wearing.

What would’ve happened had these fantastic duos not held each other accountable to achieving their dreams?

What will happen if your great ideas . . . stay ideas?

The ACCOUNTABILIBUDDY JOURNAL will help make sure that never happens!

In the 21HMP Online Program you will:


  • Assess your current mental strengths and areas of improvement to focus on
  • Focus on the topics that you want to better understand like:
    • Building and maintaining confidence
    • Playing free from fear of failure/passed mistakes
    • Playing with emotional control
    • Focusing on what’s important now


“I accomplished my six-month goals in 2 weeks!”

– Lauren, Mastermind Tribe Member

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