Real strategies, techniques, and systems to implement in your training and competition

Throughout this online program, you will gain a strong foundation for building mental power and learn the tangible tools, strategies, and insights that will enable you to separate yourself from the competition and give yourself the best chance for performing at the highest level.

Throughout 21 Hours to Mental Power, you’ll learn:

  • effective breathing exercises to help control your heart rate and slow the game down
  • how to effectively utilize mental imagery and its many benefits
  • the importance of understanding who you are as an athlete and as a person
  • how to increase your self-confidence
  • the importance of focusing on what you can control and removing the things that you can’t control
  • a system for self-awareness to manage how you recognize and respond
  • strategies for alleviating pressure
  • how to set effective results and behavior goals
  • how to change your perspective to reflect positivity
  • the power of positive self-talk
  • how to build and utilize performance routines
  • how to focus on your process and evaluate your performance based on your process
  • the importance of using failure as feedback
  • how attitude is a choice that can instantly improve your performance and your life
  • simple strategies for maximizing your time
  • key elements of mindful sports nutrition
  • injury prevention techniques and best practices
  • what it takes to be a quality leader
  • the importance of commitment and buying-in
  • and much more…

Each module includes:

  • Training Videos focused on a wide array of mental skills and topics
  • Corresponding, Interactive Mental Power Handouts 
  • Downloadable PDF Mental Power Worksheets
  • Mental Workout Exercises
  • Focus-Breathing Audios
  • Visual Imagery Audios
  • Mental Workout Journal
  • and much more…


Who is this program for?

21HMP is built specifically for baseball and softball players, but this training can be applied to all types of athletes looking to improve their mental skills and elevate their training and performance.

The earlier in an athlete’s career they start learning and practicing mental skills, the better. If a young athlete has the desire to learn and get better, this program will be very effective in doing just that.

Additionally, this program is very effective for coaches/parents, as it a great way to learn, digest, and implement mental power skills so that they can teach and help guide their athletes/children.

Why is it called 21 Hours to Mental Power?

Mental game skills are just as, if not more, important than the physical skills. Just like you practice hitting, throwing, and fielding, you need to practice your mental game skills daily to improve your Mental Power.

This is the idea behind 21HMP. This 21 module online training program was not created to be consumed all at once and binge watched. Instead, this is something that should be a part of your daily routine.

With this program, you just need 1 hour a day to consume 1 module. By doing just an hour a day, you can begin to make Mental Power a part of your daily routine. Whether you can consume an hour a day for three straight weeks, every other day, or just 3 times a week, make it a priority to study, learn and practice the Mental Power tools and strategies in 21HMP often.

How do I access the program?

After investing in the program, you will receive an email with a username and password that you will use to access the online 21HMP Dashboard, where you will find all of the videos, audios, and PDF downloads

Can I get 21HMP for my team?


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