Playing on High Ground

Biblical Learning in this book:

  • Growing your relationship with your Heavenly Father
  • Learn who God is, what Jesus Christ’s mission was, and who you are in Christ
  • How to live and play anxiety free – the way God designed it
  • How to become motivated to play for God’s glory in all you do
  • How to deal with adversity from God’s perspective

Mental Strength Training in this book:

  • Confidence Building
  • Emotional Control
  • Self-Talk Strategies
  • Imagery
  • Building a Strong Foundation: Identity, Mission, Motivation, Work Ethic
  • Routine Building
  • Conquering Adversity

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What Others Are Saying About Playing on High Ground…

“This book is awesome! I read the first chapter before a game this season and, to be honest, I had been struggling the previous 2 months with walks… almost as bad as having the yips. That night I was able to just believe in myself and that God would take care of me. I felt like the apostle Peter in Chapter 1 in the storm and flipped the switch. I started believing! Performance aside, the first chapter alone taught me to always believe. I felt like the main character Jacoby. My reading has been pretty lacking as of late. Today showed me how much God can help if you let Him.”

-Caleb Frare
NY Yankees Prospect

“The way the mental game and a relationship with Christ is intertwined is remarkable. Something I wish I had considered while I played: “but when you elevate your thinking to God’s perfect thoughts, it takes self-talk to much higher ground.” While playing, I used self talk every day. Had I used God’s perfect Word, it would’ve been that much better. I am not perfect, my words are not perfect, but His are. I tried to make my play as perfect as I could, in an imperfect game. Using His words… WOW!”

-Kyle Johnson
Former MLB Prospect and Current Owner of

Playing on High Ground is an excellent resource for the Christian competitor or coach. If you want an engaging way to discover what the Bible says about playing at your peak with true purpose, then read this book. It will take you to higher ground.”

-Gina Parris
Speaker & Performance Coach,

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