First Session: January – May (2 meetings p/month)

Second Session: Aug – Dec (2 meetings p/month)

When I branched off to become an entrepreneur in sport psychology, I quickly learned how lonely entrepreneurship life truly is.

For over five years, I allowed my fears about what to do next, how much to charge, who I felt worthy of working with, and my disastrous navigations of technology and social media to hold me back from leaving my comfort zone to enter my courage zone where true growth happens. I was stuck.

Then, after those five years of doing just enough to support myself, I started joining Mastermind groups where I met like-minded individuals who were humble enough to know they needed support and accountability to get unstuck and start pushing the rock.

You see, I had huge visions for my career. But that’s all they were. When I joined Mastermind groups I was forced to declare my visions on paper and verbally. Scary? Heck yeah. But also liberating to finally share what had been stewing in my mind for years.

That one action sparked the trajectory of my career as the very next day I randomly received an opportunity of a life-time that was perfectly aligned with what I had just declared!

Besides that, in my first month in a Mastermind group I made connections with people who connected me with people who accelerated my network and career opportunities. In my second week alone I made more money than I typically do in a month!

What changed? My business? Me? No. Just my effort and my willingness to go til no. With the support and accountability of my tribe, I was no longer afraid of rejection. And was no longer afraid of charging my worth. I learned that what I had to offer people was valuable and if prospective clients said no thanks, I heard it as a no thanks right now but maybe another time. I was taking massive messy action and it was producing results!

So, my friend, the first step, and the scariest, is declaring to others what you truly want (even if it seems more like a fantasy right now rather than a not-too-distant reality).

The next step is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are ready to support you along the way with valuable insights.

Are you ready to take that first step and declare what it is you really want?

Are you ready to be a part of a supportive tribe who will keep you accountable to achieving the life and career you desire?

It’s about time you tell fear and procrastination to find a new home because you’re about to take massive messy action that’ll move the needle in the right direction.

I personally guarantee in this 5-Month Mastermind you will free yourself from the shackles of fear and procrastination to:

  • Rediscover the reasons you went out on your own in the first place
  • Have fun doing what you love while learning to delegate the parts that cause your power outage.
  • Gain clarity on what your sweet-spot is in your industry and what you uniquely deliver
  • Trouble-shoot pain points in your business with others who will provide supportive feedback and differing perspectives
  • Connect with people who may know the “perfect person for that”
  • Speed up your business learning curve 10-fold
  • Make that consistent money you should’ve been making years ago

In this mastermind it’s just as much about giving and celebrating other’s wins as it is receiving help and accountability. Many times when we give in the areas we lack . . . we end up getting in return exactly what we need.

Come join us and bring your unique gifts and fantastic struggles.

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